Gravity Lyrics

Artist: Bush Babees Bendrix

Is it east and west I ask you original the best
Well I don't know what's with all this stress
Got up in the morning many man a contest
And so I think 'em

Everybody want the same thing one day
Everybod want to be number one x2
Rudebwoy you wanna be number one
I'm gonna run it down the line one time

Lee Majors:
We in this modern day Babylon with empty palms
I think about my last dollar while you hollar for these rap songs
I'm in my Eden when I rap about what I believe in
No deceivin' Illuminati got that ass thinkin'
Should I even rap or will I ever blow
Or should I take the loot I got and call a cab and go
Cause now-a-days you can't smile up in your video
I'm livin' off sour milk and cold cereal
My moms stated that life is what you make it
Hold everyday sacred I'm filled with such hatred
Cause a lot of niggas in the east don't represent
And out west I saw a few that was fraudulant
Hesitant to give a man a pound and step
Cause when your songs don't bump
they look through that ass like fish net
With no respect how could you look up at the mirror
The world is lookin' shadey and the futures no clearer


Now as dem rumors done spreadin' I want a single now-a-day
Everybody want to the king but no man want to work


Mr. Man:
It's time to invent the future cause there ain't nobody else
Who can make it happen right so make it happen for yourself
Instead of stressin' everything the next man got
And trying to blow up the next mans' spot
And always actin' like you got a whole lot
When the fact is you're trying to be something you're not
Yo if you don't cut it out you're gone be forgot
Cause the madness got to stop
See life is kinda stressful
So many twist and turns it's like you walkin' on a pretzel
Yet and still I swear to build by any means
Mr. Man and Non Either represent for evil Queens
And you don't stop


Lee Majors outro:
Yeah it's like gravity check it out one time y'all.
It's what it means to me.
It's like that ch'all. It's like gravity.

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Artist: Bush Babees Bendrix

Title: Gravity

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