In A Word Or 2 Mix Lyrics

Artist: Monie Love

[Verse 1]
I'm glad heaven allowed me to be saved
The sidewalk to forever for me has been paved
I live a little passion every day I'm in your presence
And when I'm away I carry with me your very essence
I try to imagine a scenario without you
It doesn't happen 'cause my mind never doubts you
My admiration is in awe of your persona
Your plateau is high, everything else is much lower
How do I explain to you with lack of complication
Speaking to one who fills me up with exhilaration
I mean what I say, you know I really do
I'm just trying to say, in a word of 2
I love you


In a word or 2, I love you
Everything you do

[Verse 2]
Sacrifice is a word that's second nature
You give more than you take, it's hard for somebody to hate ya
Dream a little longer, I can penetrate your visions
Beauty lies within your thoughts to stay is what I'm wishin'
I love the way the world around you quivers but you float
Also how other people get frustrated but you won't
The way you relax while the world is so intense
I'm so much in love with you that sometimes it don't make sense
You please me in every way and I'll never make amendments
You are my teacher, I'll always be in attendance
I'd like to commend you for all the things I see you do
In a world or 2, I'd like to say I love you

Chorus 2:

In a word or 2, I love you
Everything you do
When I'm in your arms
There's no place I'd rather be
Stormy weather come
Oh, you go right through me

[Verse 3]
How can I even begin to thank you enough
The life I'd live if I didn't have you, it would be tough
I shudder to think of how empty my heart would feel
If you should disappear and none of this was ever real
I feel a quiet comfort when I am within your arms
You make all my stormy weather become a gentle calm
I wish to never be separated from such a bliss
The warmth of your touch, the motion of your kiss
I wish to never lose sight of the smile within your face
It's you or nothin', baby, you could never be replaced
So to let you know before I go, before I'm through
In a word or 2, I love you

Chorus 3:

In a word or 2, I love you
Baby, I really do
L-o-v-e you

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