Heartburn Lyrics

Artist: [Unknown]

let me tell you something
tell you how i feel
when he comes around
I get to feeling ill
it's an achy feeling
inside my chest
it's like i'm goin into cardiac arrest
Adrenaline rushin in my body
with all my power I just can't fight it
now matter how hard I keep on tryin
I can't deny I got this
burning in my soul
call the fire department
It's out of control

You got me trippin, slippin
Gettin besid myself
I tried some medication
But don't nothin help
So I say Doctor, doctor
Tell me wil I die
And he said
Count to 5 Alicia
And I'm gonna be alright
Let's go 1 2 3 4
?Bridge And Chorus
Taste so good I can't resist
Getinharder to digest
I can't take no more
Gotta shakei off
Now break it down
And Take it to the ground wit me now
Everybody say oh......
Shake it, Shake it
Go 'head girl
Shake it, shake it

-= Alicia Keys - Heartburn =-?

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