Move The Crowd Lyrics

Artist: Eric B. Rakim

Verse one:

Standing by the speaker, suddenly i had this
Fever, was it me or either summer madness
Cuz i just can't stand around
So i get closer and the closer i get, the better it sound
My mind starts to activate, rhymes collaborate
Cuz when i heard the beat, i just had to make
Something from the top of my head
So i fell into the groove of the wax and i said
How could i move the crowd
First of all, ain't no mistakes allowed
Here's the instruction, put it together
It simple ain't it but quite clever
Some of you been trying to write rhymes for years
But weak ideas irritate my ears
Is this the best that you can make
Cuz if not and you got more, i'll wait
But don't make me wait too long coz i'm a move on
The dancefloor when they put something smooth on
So turn up the bass, it's better when it's loud
Cuz i like to move the crowd

Move the crowd...

Verse two:

Imagine me wit the heat that's made by solar,
It gets stronger everytime i hold a
Microphone, check the tone to get started
The line for the microphone is departed
So leave it up to me, my dj is mixing
Everyone is moving or eager to listen
Your hands in the air, your mouth, shut!
Cuz i'm on the mic and eric b is on the cut
For those that know me, indeed i like to flow
Especially when the music's going slow
It gives me a chance to let everybody know
It's time to bust out the rakim show
I'm the intelligent wise on the mic i will rise
Right in front of your eyes cuz i am a surprise
So i'ma let my knowledge be born to a perfection
All praise due to allah and that's a blessing
Wit knowledge of self, there's nothing i can't solve
At 360 degrees, i revolve
This is actual fact, it's not an act, it's been proven,
Indeed and i proceed to make the crowd keep moving

Move the crowd...

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Artist: Eric B. Rakim

Title: Move The Crowd

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