Current Events Lyrics

Artist: Ray-Guns

It must have been so long ago
When she got rid of it
That order in her waitress
That quarter in her pocket
She had a dollar twentyfive,
And the money made her sad
She got so little in tips that day
And she went home and cried.

Always in the weeds, she said,
I can't keep up with you, my friend
Although I tried to do my best,
I just can't make an icecream cone
The way you always did
So many flavors to choose from
Twenty-eight or more-
So if I forgot to make that cone,
Please remind me, sir!
She got married in '99,
the year before the century changed,
She had a couple children,
That she couldn't leave in school-
She knew about Mercedes Benz's
And the kids would end up asking,
What is this color television,
What is this wait 'til three
Always in the weeds, they said...
Hey, Jude!....A.S.A.P!!!!!

I'm sorry, sisters!

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Artist: Ray-Guns

Title: Current Events

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