Gorilla Rock Lyrics

Artist: Batmobile

Gorilla Rock
Oom boom bim bam jumping up and down
Swinging and a clinging like a madman through the trees
Slappin'and clappin' with your elbows and your knees
Dancin'with the whole gang and chase a chimpansee
The cat just caught a mouse and danced with him ?? till three
On the gorilla rock
Oom boom bim bam jumping up and down
We all went to a joint called the King Kong's Cave
We danced ?? till have past five doing the apeman dive
Eating big bananas drinking palmtree wine
Oom boom bim bam a coconut's so fine
On the gorilla rock
Oom boom bim bam on the gorilla rock
Left a mother her baby boy that baby boy was me
Now I'm rockin' and boppin' in the mango trees
Last night I found an oyster looked inside what'd I see
It looked like Eddie Aardvark and it seemed that he
He did the gorilla rock
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