Flipside Lyrics

Artist: Jason Nelson

London, summer 92
I think I've changed a lot since then, Do you
Ideas that I'd held for years
Emotional baggage, hopes and fears
Seen somehow in a different light, not as wrong
But not as right as they seemed before
Was I different then
Have I changed
And will I change again

I'm thinking of a mental free-fall
A partial total memory recall like what of the future
What of the past, what of the present will last
And say I did forget and revert to the old days, forget this hurt
Am I better off or in reverse
Untaught by experience and therefore worse

I mean a lot, I mean a little
I mean a lot, I mean a little

I'm like a coastline, a beach and spit
Spurn Point and the rest of it
The sea, the tide, the salt and foam
I'm the blasted land
The sand shifting, drifting out and back
Then breached drowned, defenses down
Rebuilt from this day on
Or maybe not, maybe my moment's gone

I mean a lot, I mean a little
I mean a lot, I mean a little

Am I the same person I seemed to be
Does all of this depress me
I won't listen, I won't talk
A weightless life, I moonwalk
I mean a lot, I mean a little
I'm supple, brittle, pig in the middle
There's resilience inside my face
But sometimes nothing
Deep space

What I feel and what I fear
Is always here my atmosphere
Pig in the middle

I mean a lot, I mean a little
I mean a lot, I mean a little
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