I See The Light Lyrics

Artist: Hot Tuna

(Jorma Kaukonen)I feel your shimmering eyes into my soul
And your life is all around my time, now don't you know? Every time your sunrise drives my night away
It makes my lifetime soar in circles
Like the swallows wheeling in the day
Now our time can start to run
The hourglass has just begun
Life was meant for having fun
As we were meant to bechorus: I've been living blind in one-eyed land
Among those kings I thought were grand
Till time had opened up my eyes
And there I found, to my surprise
That life without you
Was empty as a nest in winter light
Strolling in the garden
Sunshine on a California day
With you by my side
The tears we've cried have dried and gone away
The darkness of the northland
In wintertime has all began to run
Through the deltas of a passing sorrow
Now that you and I are really one
Now we're flying down the way
Where all our hopes have time to stay
And we can marvel at the time
That floats us in its pathchorus (x2)
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