Beautiful Lyrics

Artist: Karen Zoid

Your'e beautiful, every time we touch
When you make me l augh, when you think to m uch
Your'e beautiful, without your clo thes
Everybody k nows, your love for me it sho ws
And it shines t hrough, shines through
Everthing we d o
I need you, I need you
I want to swim across this crowded r oom

And whisper in your ear.

Your'e beautiful, when you're being polite
She just fell off her c hair, and you gave her a light
Your'e beautiful, in your ugly s hoes
You know that I still hate them, but I can stand by you

Because you shine through, shine t hrough
Everything I do
I need you, I need you
I want to s hout it from a rooftop, Shout it out to the moon...

Your'e b eautiful, you know it's true
I could go black, I could go blue
Your'e beautiful, there are no l ies
Only the river, only the sky

And it shines t hrough, shines trough
Everything I do
I need you, I need you
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Artist: Karen Zoid

Title: Beautiful

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