Hallelujah Lyrics

Artist: Ryan Bingham

The other day I found myself up on the corner
I thought I run into a friend of mine
Ended up that he was just a stranger
I said hello as he passed me by

But then he turned and put a gun to my head
He said, My friend I'm going to rob you blind
I said You must be down on your luck
I'm out of money and I'm all out of time

He pulled the trigger and I fell to my knees
My spirit left and then my body went cold
I'm looking down upon the lights of the city
I feel alive, but I'm dead and gone

Ain't no more walking down the side of the road
Ain't no more sleeping on the edge of a frown
Ain't no more favors from someone I don't know
cause there ain't nobody hear me, there ain't nobody around

Hallelujah, coming home
Hallelujah, he's dead and gone
Hallelujah, somethings wrong

So tell me now if your singing can bring me
Another day with my feet on the ground
I miss living and living misses me
I miss it so much that im holding me down

For all the things that I never could change
For all the reasons that I never understood why

I feel alone, baby
I'm dead and gone, baby
There's somethings wrong
cause you know I still feel alive

My train is rolling down the line
And I'm waiting till it to bring me a dream
For holding you up in my eyes
Oh feel my love, honey
From up above, honey
Oh don't give up on me cause im coming down

I'm not a one nighter
I'm not a flat liner
I've everything in between the harmony you're singing loud

Hallelujah, coming home
Hallelujah, it's dead and gone
Hallelujah, somethings wrong
Hallelujah, it's just a song

The other day I found myself up on the corner
I thought I run into a friend of mine
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