For K Part 2 Lyrics

Artist: Lana Del Ray

All right, you got me, I don't play a good guitar
But what do want from me, it's just a stupid bar
I didn't promise anything, no

You think I'm pretty and you like way I talk
I like your music and you like the way I walk
So, I think we're going get along

I like the way you wear your sweater off your shoulder
The way your hair comes down and makes you look older
How are you getting so handsome, my boy?

Pretty baby
Pretty baby

The way your face is shaped, I wonder if you know
The way you stand up and your silhouette glows
I'm electrified, I'll be up all night now

Use that voice, sing that song
And tell me to come on, to come on, come on
You want here, no?
You want here, no?

Pretty baby
Pretty baby
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