Erased Lyrics

Artist: Muse

Annie Lennox

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I'm gonna put it all behind me
Like nothing ever happened between us
Nothing ever took place between you and me
Nothin' ever happened
And if you see me walkin' down the street
I won't even recognise you
I'll just erase you from my memory
Put it all behind me
Because you are erased
All erased

You'll be sittin' on someone else's couch
You'll be eatin' off a stranger's plate
Everything is gonna get wiped out
Like a new start
Like a brand new fresh clean slate
Well here I go remembering again
All the anger and the blame
People in glass houses shouldn't throw those stones
But something just flew through my window pane
My my my myoh mama did it touch you well

I'll be in a brand new pair of running shoes
And you'll be walking on down different street
In a brand new suit and a fresh clean shirt
Makin' telephone calls
Keepin' in time with someone else's feet
Keepin' in time with someone else's feet

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