The Come Up Lyrics

Artist: Time In Youth

feat. Large Professor
Ain't too many, as true as us
Prestidge elluded us, 'til recently
Yo son I still be, in the streets
Was raised me, and taught me, morals engraved in me
I treasure all those who stayed with me
Trials and tribulations some assumed I was through
I seen smiles on niggas faces, now I'm smilin too
At the hawaiin view, they say that I'm the truth
Life's a bitch I hope I seduce
Look in my eyes you see a childish youth
Who grew up in a drug spot, and blew my first shot on the roof
My movement's like the automatic top on a coupe
Smoothness, like Allen Houston got when he shoots
I'm consumed with, the essence of the street
I'm destined to be, on a level I've yet to see
Son I had 'em so comfortable they slept on me
Like the draft did McGrady, this rap shit is crazy

Large Pro
Aiyyo, give me a beatbox, you'll heal my soul
Watch me get down for my platinum and gold
And keep a fire arm kept
Most definately rep, everyday I see sun up
So don't you sweat
When the chips was down
We didn't run we stayed around
Now all y'all niggas know what's happenin now
It's the come up, the rise of the genuine type
That'll just cut through like against suge knight
Leavin cuts, bruises, scrapes, scratches and scars
Spent a straight decade rappin in bars
With oc', but I seldomly flow with the flock
Hear the game, make one grain grow into a crop
Like farmers, I promise
This be large
Ain't they're ain't near a nigga who could disregard
The science that I drop, cause it's on the world
Every man, woman, child, each boy and girl

Large Pro, talking
Yeah mega, you that nigga, don't even worry 'bout it
I remember we was doin this show
For uncle Ralph Mcdaniels, with nas
I watched you come up
Now it's your time to skyrocket
And flourish on these niggas

Shoutout Queens

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Artist: Time In Youth

Title: The Come Up

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