Hell No! Lyrics

Artist: Ricki-Lee

On Your Way To Work And Its All Good
The Traffic Hits You Like You Knew It Would
You Wanna Scream But You've Gotta,
(Hold It Back, Hold It Back)
Is It Right If Your Man's Coming Home Late?
Got Your Girls At Your Ear Saying Too Late
And He's Down On His Knees Saying Baby
(Take Me Back, Taks Me Back)
[Pre Chorus:]
(Make It Stop)You Got Me So
(Worked Up)Im Pulling My
(Hair Out)Hey! Im About To Hit Somebody!
(Hey You)Somebody Just,(Help Me Out),
Why Cant You Just(Hear Me Now)
I Gotta Get This Off My Chest...
Grass Is Greener, Got No Money

People Telling Jokes, That Aint Funny
Drunken Bar Fights, Catching Red Lights
Hell No! Hell No!
Guys With Attitude, Girls Complaining
Waiting In Line, Wont Stop Raining
All The Shit Thats, Got Me Saying
Hell No! Hell No!
Working Hard, Two Jobs Just To Get By
Got A Boss That Making My Head Fry
Make Me Late, Expect Me To Sit Back
(Take A Breath, Take A Breath)
All The Girls Will Be Making Up Stories
Looking To Bring Me Down 'cause They Worry
About Holding Back Their Insecurities
(Stay Back, Way Back)
[Pre Chorus And Chorus]
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