Triumph Lyrics

Artist: A.G.

Yeah - sendin this one out
To my man D, knahmsayin Knahmsayin

It's like Felix Trinidad steppin back in the ring
Maybe to claim king, for A.G. the same thing
Minus the four-finger name ring
It ain't a Yank thing, it's the N.Y. on the hat
I got a G on my chest and put the dirt on my back
And it's death before dishonor so I'm flirtin with that
Want drama, got a person for that
That'll leave you with a foul odor
While I'm runnin up the steps like Balboa
Wild quoter, forty cal holder
Over 10 years and I ain't even eat yet
Critically acclaimed, international street rep
Got my feet wet, now it's time to get my body soaked
I'm born again, yes it's on again
And gettin dirty is the motto; so follow the path
I left behind and find I'll shine tomorrow

A.G.! The whole D.I.T.C.!
Showbiz And A.G.! The whole D.I.T.C.!
Showbiz And A.G.! The whole D.I.T.C.!
Showbiz and-and-and... A.G.

Yo, I'ma tell you one time - to get in your place
We Dig In The Crates, we the all time greats
Say we ain't and I'll spit in your face
And Big L'll never be forgotten BIG L~!
The Big Apple I eat it rotten
Just to keep it poppin
And like Lisa Stansfield, I've been around the world
She'll never be the same once I've been around your girl
I un your booty with somethin truly to see
She keep runnin to me, money can't do it like me
It's Show And A.G., hip-hop classic niggaz
And I can't be sonned, I'm a bastard with a army
Try to harm me I'ma casket filler
I'm worthy, if I ain't dirty then y'all ain't heard me
You die, when it's butterfly like caterpillars
No rapper iller, Off the Wall take it back to Thriller
Without the DVD I smack a nigga
Not 50, rhyme with me while we stack the scriller

If you didn't know before, guess you know now!
A.G. my man - add on, add on
A.G. my man - add on, add on

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A.G. - TRIUMPH Lyrics

Artist: A.G.

Title: Triumph

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