A Slight Discomfort Lyrics

Artist: The Hold Steady

I thought you're through with all the bougie guys
Don't you wonder about the other side
They only get invited because they think that they might buy
Ain't it sad about these metro guys
Don't it hurt to watch them moisturize
They're never funny and they're all so scared to die
We're not afraid, we have our faith
We've seen scattered action and we've mostly come out unscathed
We'll be alright, we'll get through the night
Our struggle still feels wonderful most days, most days
Don't it suck about the succubi
The bloodsuckers and the parasites
All the small talk seems like suicide
The spiderwebs with their legs and eggs and eyes
They creep up from behind
If I were you I wouldn't get too close
I've seen how they eat and it gets pretty gross
They slip their tongue and they hitch on to their host
Seen a couple slaughters and they've mostly turned out OK
Our struggle still feels wonderful most days
Hey New York City, I love it when you turn on your lights
Our struggle still feels wonderful tonight
And you say you're a princess
But I remain unconvinced
I've seen the guys that you've been with
They don't seem much like princes
And you say you're much better
But I don't quite believe it
I saw the girls that you came with
I saw the guy that you left with
And you say you tried Jesus
But it was too inconvenient
You just didn't have the patience
You say you said prayers
But it felt like there was nobody there
I didn't think that you'd get it
This shouldn't hurt
But you might feel a slight discomfort

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