String Theory Lyrics

Artist: Doomtree

I travel with a lungful of music, doesn’t weigh a thing / reed’s built in, breathe through it every time I sing / and I got pockets fulla my own hands, head fulla back-up plans / temper walks beside me, a gift I guess from my old man / History: lines on my face / Future: lines on my palm / they say heaven’s guarded by gates, damnation don’t care much who’s calling / but I don’t fall for that line, only one I walk is mine / I carry what I can and I’m still makin good time / Bones are hollow, that’s where I keep marrow / This quiver in my lip, that’s just where I keep my arrows / I fold up my ideas I pack em neat inside my skull / I got this string theory: doesn’t work to push, you gotta pull / so I’m pullin for me, and I’m pullin for mine / and they’re easy to read, but you can’t trust the signs / Eyes blur in the heat, heat curves all the lines / try to keep up, speed up, get your feet up / and match mine

[CECIL] (Hook)
We’ll wait til the dawn / And when dawn breaks we’re moving on / We’re raised by the laws / But the laws gonna break when we’re moving on

Gravity I never learned / I'm in the air stretch it out spaghetti western / I make it glow then let it go, no effort / That attachment only kept your flame sequestered / I just let it how the ember in my chest burn / I wasn't in for the fame or making profit / I just came to scrape my name into the cinder blocking / Now they're flocking because the feather's same / I just burned the oil, toiled, man I fed the flame / You better aim before they tame you, boy / it's a wild world they're coming for your pelt, young boy / They're tolling all the bells, Tolstoy / it’s war and peace, beast came to eat, old boy / oh boy

Gravity is such a pesky thing / makes every weight in sight seem like it's worth measuring / makes every step you take so tentative / but if you don't stride with purpose then there's no benefit / I know, only on this surface til we float / but why wait? I pull for you and throw your hand a rope / I know, you can take time or take time by the throat / so tell me when it's time to go (Hook)
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