Love And It Waits Lyrics

Artist: Brown Eyed Soul

a man and a woman
:how to dismantle an
u2- a man and a woman
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little sister don't you worry about a thing today
take the heat from the sun
little sister
i know that everything is not ok
but you're like honey on my tongue
true love never can be rent
but only true love can keep beauty innocent
i could never take a chance
of losing love to find romance
in the mysterious distance
between a man and a woman
no i could never take a chance
'cause i could never understand
the mysterious distance
you can run from love
and if it's really love it will find you
catch you by the heel
but you can't be numb for love
the only pain is to feel nothing at all
how can i hurt when i'm holding you
and you're the one, there's no-one else
you make me want to lose myself
brown eyed girl across the street
on rue saint divine
i thought this is the one for me
but she was already mine
you were already mine...
i've been sleeping in the street again
like a stray dog
i've been trying to feel complete again
but you're gone and so is god
the soul needs beauty for a soul mate
when the soul wants...the soul waits ...
for love and sex and faith and fear
and all the things that keep us here

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