Victory Over The Sun Lyrics

Artist: Biffy Clyro

Trees will speak before you listen
Oh my god, no-one knows that
we can barely stand each other
It's not right, no it's not fair
Cause I'd wait anywhere for you
Would you wait for me?
Bleeding tears is the least of our problems here
We can moan our family's gone, blistered feelings
All we have's diseased organs
And I'd die anytime for you
Would you die for me?
Keep digging for the rest of your days
Say something please it's time to pay
Smoke crack for me, read jack for me,
At this time I'd let you spit in my face
I can only make you see the moon,
You can touch it but that's up to you
This is happening because of you
Stay special brother you stay true
We can change the world despite all our enemies
We're fighting on, listen to your heart and sing
Pray for love, it feels like a memory
If we hold on, there's a victory over the sun
Collapse in front of all of your peers
Stop bleeding, keep blocking your ears
Eating babies, drinking black brandy,
Squinting all night through your demonic haze
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