Until The Day Lyrics

Artist: Us, From Outside

feat. Blaq Rose

[Knoc-Turn'al talking]
Let's go..

[Knoc-Turn'al, verse 1]
It's amazing
How outta my life I made short a long story
I came a long way outta bullshit but I asked for no glory
I came a long way from the pavement on the block stackin' dough
And on a long day there would be a raid and business was slow
How many times must I see a victim losing a life
How many days must I hustle 'fore my hustle get right
How many days must the children duck when bullets take flight
How would a gang act when one of they own is dying tonight

[Blaq Rose, Hook 2x]
Until the day
I wanna be right where you are
Wanna hold you in my arms
Wanna be your shining star

[Knoc-turn'al, verse 2]
It's amazing
How hard times, they come and they go
In the ghetto, these ghetto days we go with the flow
I spent my whole life hustlin, grindin the streets
And when hard times came I regrouped and stood on my feet
When will it be safe for kids to go outside again
When will the day come for us to love and embrace a friend
I travel all around the world, working, gettin it right
Because the world is a ghetto and the ghetto's my life

[Hook 2x]

[Knoc-Turn'al, verse 3]
It's amazing
How mothers in ghetto's hold they heads high
And when times get too hard they just look to the sky
Pull out some drink 'cause the homie would'a been 30 today
But tradgedy struck at 14 and took him away
I want a new life where family's don't have to cry no more
I know kids in the ghetto listen to Knoc-Turn'al
Until the day I get all my people off of the streets
Im'a be here puttin it down for L.A.C

[Hook 2x]

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