Shaw Lyrics

Artist: Wanda S?

I knew that I could do it
I knew it, I knew it.
I knew they'd all pooh-pooh it,
And indeed they did.

I knew if I stuck to it,
I'd somehow get through it.
At times I thought, Oh, screw it!
But proceed I did,
And oh, you kid -- !

I just met Shaw!
I got to meet Shaw!
There isn't any doubt
The man's without
A single flaw!

I talked to Shaw,
I said to him, Shaw,
The world is in a crisis.
He said, Listen, Dionysos,
What you need is Shaw.
I'll go with you, says Shaw.
I happen to be free,
And who could be
A bigger draw

That instant generosity,
That's Shaw!
The verbal virtuosity,
That's Shaw!
The fearless animosity,
That mind with such velocity --
All right, there's the pomposity,
But that's just Shaw.
And maybe some verbosity,
But still you'll be
In awe.

[Commotion inside PLUTO's palace, growing louder]

And here comes Shaw!

[Music continues under as the palace doors open and the Great Man enters.
He holds up his hand. Music stops]

Dionysos, your arrival is most fortuitous.
My fellow playwrights I fear have lost the art of conversation,
but not, unfortunately, the power of speech.

[The SHAVIANS enter laughing; music resumes]

He has no use for piety
Or notions of propriety.
He'll show us our society
In ways we never saw.

[Music stops again]

I'm sick to death of the Underworld. It is like sitting for
all eternity at the first act of a fashionable play before the complications begin.

[The SHAVIANS murmur admiringly; music resumes]

The world will soon be dancing The Shaw.

How do you dance the Shaw

Tell him.

First you think.
Then you comment.

[Music stops momentarily as they all murmur something brief
and judicious to each other; then it resumes]

Then you think.
Then you discuss.

[Music stops again as they babble to each other more animatedly;
two loud chords halt the discussion and music continues]

Then you read,
Then you make a quip.

[Music stops]

All great truths begin as blasphemies.

[Music resumes]

That's how you dance The Shaw.

[Front, spoken in rhythm, as music continues]
Isn't he amazing
Isn't he adorable
[to the SHAVIANS]
Couldn't you die
Well, you already have.
Still --

Words can dance,
Thoughts can dance,
Syllables can samba.
Sentences can waltz around in your mind.
Epigrams can leap and bound,
Simply from the way they sound --

[Music stops]

Patriotism is the conviction that this country is superior to all other countries
because you were born in it.

[Music resumes]

Even when he's not profound,
He's so refined!

[Music stops]

Democracy substitutes election by the incompetent many for appointment by the corrupt few.

[Music resumes]

Shaw will show the way,
Shaw is for today.
Take him off the shelf.

Everything he writes
Dazzles and delights --
He told me so himself.

[Music stops]

When a man knows nothing and thinks he knows everything,
that points clearly to a political career.

[Music resumes]

[Spoken in rhythm]
Couldn't you just put him on
Toast points and eat him for lunch
I'll show them Shaw!

First you think...

I want to share Shaw!

Then you reason...

I'm sure of Shaw!

Then you think.
Then you digress...

The worst sin toward our fellow creatures
is not to hate them but to be indifferent to them;
that is the essence of inhumanity. Next!

Such sanity, humanity,
Who cares about the vanity
His work is just so literate,
It leaves you all atwitter, it's
Got gravity and levity,
That's why it's got longevity.

A little short on brevity --
Is that against the law

We still need Shaw!
I'm [He's] bringing back Shaw!
The world will have an orgy
Of Georgie

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WANDA S? - SHAW Lyrics

Artist: Wanda S?

Title: Shaw

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