A Lover's Prayer Lyrics

Artist: Dion The Belmonts

Oh I am so blue when I think that you
Were once my own
My heart, how it yearns the flame still burns
But I'm alone
Not a word was spoken my heart was broken
But I still care
So I will just pray and suffer all day
And say a lover's prayer

Some day your eyes will fill with tears
When you need me
You'll think it's too late, but my love will wait
Until eternity
Some times when I'm out and having fun
My tears disappear
But deep in my heart, you're the only one
Oh answer my lover's prayer

A lover's prayer is said, my dear
So you'll be mine
I'll cry no longer, my love will grow stronger
As wedding bells chime
But that's just a dream I pray will come true
'Cause I'll still care
Where ever you are, I'll always love you
Please answer my lover's prayer
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