01 Taxi Driver Lyrics

Artist: The Early November

I took Cutie for a ride in my Death Cab
She tipped me with a kiss, I dropped her off at the Meth Lab
Before she left me, she made a Dashboard Confessional
And spilled the guts in Cursive, but whats worse
Is I could still see her Bright Eyes like Sunny Day Real Estate
Oh my, ain't a funny way to seal, It tastes
So high but no chance
My little Chemical Romance, left a bad taste in my mouth
But I approached her like, Hey Mercedes, why the long face
Why you cryin, no need, just put on this Coheed, and Fallout
Boy meets Girl, Jimmy Eat World
But Schlep eats pills till hes all out
Not once, not twice, she was Thrice times a lady
Actin all Brand New, but I had to
Bounce to the Postal Services to
Pick up these pills that take care of my nervousness
And, on the way, I saw Planes and Mistook 'em for Stars
She played games, but she took 'em too far
At the Drive-in, watchin soft porn and you could tell
By the Trail of the Dead that there was something in the Popcorn
Hop in my cab destination Midtown
Just to get up with some kids that like to get down
I made my rounds and that was that
In between the frowns and scraps and heartattacks
And I remember
I seen her ass Early November
On a Thursday, Taking back Sunday for a refund
She shot a wink, like No Hard Feelings
Then she Jetted to Brazil, and the pills had me spun

Yeah, this The Story of the Year right here
This is Hot Water Music
Cook your Ramens to it
Whattup Eliot I ain't seen you in a minute
How you doin

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