Reflections Lyrics

Artist: Mad Caddies

I'm lost again out on the highway
Searching for answers that I fear
And it couldn't be much clearer
When objects in the mirror are closer than they appear
My mind is definitely twisted can't let go of the past
And there's no one left to blame when the lights all look the same
And reflections disappear so fast

Road signs ahead are long overdue
Now there's direction to let go is on you
let go let go child

The stars hang bright above the mountain
While the sun gently sweeps in the sea
I will keep my eyes ahead let what's done be done be dead
And release the pressure haunting me
dark cold night back in the distance with a brand new day up ahead
I will keep my dream alive
Forward I will strive
So reflections can't catch up with me
let go let go child
Let go
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