4.58 Am Lyrics

Artist: Roger Waters

Trucker:} Hey kid, you looking for a lift
Get on up here
How's it going good buddy
I nailed ducks to the wall
Kept my heart in dark ruins
I built bungalows over the hills
Dunroamin, duncarin, dunlivin
Took my girl to the country
To sleep out under the moon
Next thing she's going crazy
Trucker: Women are like that kid
What the hell can you do
She waits for the real Mr. Right to come
Gently removing her heart
With his promises of real communication
Trucker: I saw a program about that on TV, heh
Who's always picking up the tab
Who built a bungalow for his momma and dad
Who took you out to all the shows
Who worked his fingers to the bone
While you were asleep
Jade: It was me...I did!
I kept you in buttons and bows
Jade: Christ! All those clothes!
So you could encourage this creep
Hick: With that program
I bet some son of a bitch made a million dollars.
With his neat feet
And his clean fingernails
With his wise but twinkling eyes
He's a rock standing out in an ocean of doubt
Trucker: Get movin', get off the road ya Goddam faggot.
And compromise
I'd like to go on with this bit of a song
Describing this schmuck
I'd like to go on, but I'm going to throw up
Trucker: Not in my rig you don't boy
Get the hell out of here.

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