Littlewing Lyrics

Artist: Tanya Donelly

The first time lightning hit me
Was the night I met your daddy
It flew down the dance tent pol
Threw me to the red dirt floor
And as I reached to him
For the very first time
Tiny fire flew from his hand to mine
Fixed me to the spot
Feu de grace

I want to tell you everything
I want to spare you everything

The second time it hit me
I was holding you
In the dead of night
In the dead of night it lit your eyes
It lit your eyes and stopped your cries
It stopped your cries and
Flowed through the bed
It flowed through the bed and
Fixed you to my breast
Fixed you to the spot
Feu de grace

So I gave you a name that sounds
Like far away
In hopes that you'll run
From this place someday
As soon as your feet
Can carry your weight
Run from your people
Littlewing fly
We pull the fire from the sky

I want to tell you everything
I want to spare you everything

I'd give up everyone
I'd give up every one of my days
To spare you one moment's pain
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Artist: Tanya Donelly

Title: Littlewing

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