Assurance Lyrics

Artist: Tom Schilling

I've seen the way you look at me
I've seen you waiting patiently
I'm fine... well, i lied
If what we are is feeling low
I'd fear this if i had a soul
But you're still mine
I was afraid of being chained
I found a woman who could mend and bend
All of my deepest insights and thoughts
And it's just one more round, one more
One more round then i'm done

But you need assurance that
Everything's gonna be fine
'cause you're just a woman who's
Everything good in my life
Though we'd been over, weeping over,
Our last goodbyes.
I have learned to live with these fatal gifts,
And still you're mine, so i'm...
And i wrote you this song
But you won't sing along to me
Sing tir na li

The memories that used to be
Are carved into a sweet gum tree
Outside my place, where i touched your face
And it was...
One more round, one more
One more round, than I'd loved before.

Still you need assurance that everything's gonna be fine
'cause you're just the women who's everything good in my life
And though we've been over, weeping over
Our last goodbyes
I've learned to live with these fatal gifts
And still you're mine
So i... so i wrote you this song
But you won't sing along to me
To sing tir na li

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Artist: Tom Schilling

Title: Assurance

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