Bite The Dust Lyrics

Artist: Queen

Bite the dust
Trust me, anything you can do
I can do better than you
Some things really impossible
You're no exception to rules
How many times I go to tell you
People need to see you
You see, I'm really helping you
I'm keeping you from looking a fool
She's got a plan to have my man
She's going to have to deal with me
Ooh, sugar I got him
I got 20/20 vision
I can see that you want my man
'Cause it's my job
To make you understand
Try to make a move
And I'm on him like 5-0
So you can go
'Cause I got him
Got him
Big girl, I really hope
You get the message I'm trying to convey
'Cause you're pushing me to the edge
And I ain't got time to play
How many times I got to tell you
He's where he wants to be
Keep on, act like you didn't know
My hands going to do the talking today
Give it up
Give it up Oh
Give, give, give it up
I know what she wants
I know
My man
Your other girl bites the dust Yeah
Your other girl bites the dust Yeah

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