Like A Dream Lyrics

Artist: Britney Spears

feat. Lil' Kal
[Chorus: Lil' Kal possibly others]
It's my country, you can say what you, wanna say about me
But at the end of the day I'll be countin my mo-ney
It's like a dream - yeah, it's like a dream - yeah
cause at the end of the day I'll be countin my mo-ney

[Verse One: Biz Markie]
It's the Emzah-A, R-Rzah-Kayah
Like the internet, I am here to stay-ah
Been a long time, I know it's been years
Oops! I Did it Again like Britney Spears
Like The Matrix, I - Keanu Reeves
Ring around the collar and doo doo on the sleeves
I'm explosive, like, dynamite
I should be on Entertainment Tonight
Or Access Hollywood or Soul Train
I'm so on fire, I fart propane
Don't use Rogaine, got a head full of hair
Cause the brother on the mic is so debonnaire
I'm so cool, the Fonz say EYY!
Cause I'm the best MC from around my way
Never listen to what haters say
I just stay focused like Kobe in L.A.


[Verse Two: Biz Markie]
I'ma do it, like I never have done it
Never got drunk and never got blunted
The {} in my ear, they cost about a hundred
If the record's a hit, you know the Biz spun it
Super educated master rap techniquer
Ill funk freaker every day of the week-ah
Whether it's Kim, Agnes, Monique or Tamika
My unique physique make 'em all weaker and weaker
Cause I'm hung, like Mighty Joe Young
They all get sprung, from the joy that I brung
I drive a Hummer, I'm hot like Donna Summers
I'm one of the first human rum-a-pum pummers
No matter what they say, I always sound flyer
Than anyone you heard, or even de-sired
Yes it's me, I'm the Original B-I-Z
M-A-R-K-I with the E


[Verse Three: Biz Markie]
The beat don't stop 'til everybody's gone
I'm old school like a bag of Bonton
Like the Mary Jane Girls I go All Night Long
Hit you in the head like El Kabong
My style is masculine, far from feminine
I got soul like James Brown and Rakim and them
I don't know what you came to do
I came to rock the house for you
From sunny California to Kalamazoo!
Been rockin parties since ninety-two
I know you heard that Reality Bites
But I'm Liver than the show called Saturday Night
I stay on, looks like, city lights
Chicks cling on me like ballerina tights
Like Minnie Mouse and Courageous Cat
You can't beat that with a baseball bat!


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