Crime Lyrics

Artist: Camouflage

Little one,
I'll blind you with charm,
I feed you with pleasing things,
you'll see, I'll make you believe,
before you life was boring.
For a while,
I meticulously try, to be the way you want me.
But you'll see, I always believe,
nothing in life's for free.
I can stand looking in your eyes,
to turn around and start smiling,
feel the pressure rise,
you may hide, but it's far too late
and you need to face the element of crime.
Time reveals the harm,
you awake, but it's far too late,
then you need to face the element of crime.
Little one,
I'm planted in your brain,
to guide you the way I like.
My plea, for total relief,
brought you to your kneew.
Now I'm through,
the things that you knew,
and all you could give to me.
Time has come for me to carry on,
cause there's someone new com'n for tea.
(M: Maile, T: Meyn)
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