Tempo Slow Lyrics

Artist: R Kelly

What's up baby
I know what you're thinking
What did i call you over here for
I wanna take you somewhere

Tempo slow, lights down low
Let me take you to a place
Where only love grooves go

Step into my territory
And let the vibes begin
Don't be afraid
Just let this love groove in
Let the passion lead you to a place beyond
Exploring my bedroom, having freaky fun


All the players go
All the gangstas go


Rules they are so simple, so very simple
As our bodies connect
And those juices start to flow
Makin' sweet love 'til the morning light
And satisfying love's appetite

Chorus 2x's

Baby tell daddy what it is you want
Come on and unravel those little secrets unknown
Time to taste what love has in store for me
So let's take a sip of this love groove chemistry

Chorus 3x's

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