Crusade Lyrics

Artist: Destruction

It was the year 1095 in the heart of France
Summoned by the Papal Decree to the Holy Land
Drive out the Infadel from the Realm of Promise
Destroy the enemies of Our Lord and restore His kingdom
From a heart of darkness came a twisted faith
Reaching to the far east with a burning hate.
The thunder of the drums of war decended on the masses
The Great Commission, forged with steel would bring disaster

Religious lies had taken hold
A war of murder, rape and gold
Blood was flowing through the land
A gospel with an iron hand
A ministry death and hate
Millions chained to its carnal state
Mad with the power to control
This is a church with a dark crusade

Centuries have come and gone since the Crusades
But a brutal conquest has still remained
Oppression of humanity, conjured conviction
Religion and its tyranny will bring destruction
Just sign here on the dotted line
Do what we say and you'll be fine
Your blind devotion is the key
To save your soul eternally
In the bonds of a legalistic state
You'll find a heart in rusted chains
Mad with the power to control
This is a church with a dark crusade

Sound mind and reason have long been dead and crucified
Soul dead self righteous hypocrisy is justified
In the bowels of a prison
Where many souls are laid to waste
You'll find the heart of a church with a dark crusade

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