Underdog Lyrics

Artist: Exilia

Little is known why I beckon & moan
I see what? s comin
Madd brothers will be bumming
After the math

The drug lords brought the wrath
Of those of us who once thought
We needed to be weeded
Bust, dust made that head bust
I remember came after
Cheba cheba had you wide like
A receiver
What looks like fire is ice
Fall for the flame
Catch it twice like Jerry Rice. Nice
Against odds

I recognize it is the cards
Hard to be played back the jack of
Ashes to ashes blunts to blunts
Some of these geez ain? t real
I seen em once
Upon a time
So many rappers and not enuff rhymes
I hope they around next year but I fear
I? m all time and I? m down
For the ruffness
But what good is the rhyme
Without substance

I rather be the underdog

Nobody savin the time
The rhyme never thanks
Who be givin
Ravin who on top of the charts
Grabbin the Gavin
Now I can? t use my name
Half the body be dancing head swoll
But one thing I can do is finger roll
The hit list grows like Pete Rose
As I rise above who you recognize
I wanna know that disguise
Who are you?
And wher? d you come from?
See how you run
First on a verse I gets vertical
Flip works like a grammatical gigolo
A head from many years ago
I brought the noise on the R & B boys
The chronological
Or the ghetto celeb
Never claimed the best
Nor was I great at finesse
But everything is everything
And everything is real
It appears I shift gears
To the ears of my peers
No appeal
I? d rather be the underdog

I? m low maintenance
The picture I? m paintin
Is just intelligence
Not another nitwit
You can get with
Self haters, traitors
Thinking now that later
Turned they head
Dissin something that I said
Make me wanna go back
Way back
Where it? s not a trace of Baba
Unplugged tempos
From the drugged temple

I rather be the underdog

Ashes to ashed, bluntz to bluntz
Some of these geez ain? t real
I seen em once
So many rappers and not enuff rhymes
I hope they around next year
And I fear
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Artist: Exilia

Title: Underdog

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