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Artist: Night Beds

A part of me, I call I stranger
This part of me, I find it danger
We saw the night, you fested out
Across time, well in my heart’s smile

Way too dark, words left to finish
The trail, the grind, over my head
Honesty was pine, tress up your...
From where it was found, broken in chains

When I tried the search to find
The covers,
In your eyes I’ll loose my mind

In an old, world, I know nothing
He’s all, he’s nice, we hear the dreams
I know again, sons are ...size
My soul will not keep

To my mother fell in ... forever
It’s really...take our time together
When the firefly eat my mind, it’s happen
All the ... I did dney
I’ll follow one she sits inside
I’ll follow one, I’ll get in mine.
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