Day By Day Lyrics

Artist: Regina

I've made mistakes
So many mistakes
The same mistakes
The day will come
You can't escape
Not even from yourself

Day By Day
Day By Day

I've forsaken thousand times
Always making the same mistakes
Everyday you can't escape
There's nothing left you can take

With the memories of the past
Live and feel with my regrets
I am paying a price too high
I wanna wait till past goes by

I wanna live all my life
Day By Day
I wanna live everyday
As my last
I wanna live all my life
Day By Day
I wanna live
Every night and day

Searching forward
I feel remorse
Smile to hope
Inside my soul
Even live with an empty ghost
Afraid again to see my future

Now I know that i have to cry
There are things you can never buy
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Artist: Regina

Title: Day By Day

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