Skateboard Lyrics

Artist: The Aquabats

Whoa whoa whoa mama
here I go whoa again
too fast on the downhill
faster than I can run
If miles turned to inches
you know that man would roll
all the way around the world tonight
look at him go
no jumping off the ride
at 30 miles per hour
iron brains and ball bearings
give him the power
Whoa whoa take a look
whoa whoa look at that man
whoa whoa you can see it
that man is free
Whoa whoa whoa mama
here I go whoa again
too fast on the downhill
faster than I can roll
You got to see him to beleive him
can't you hear 'em callin'
you got to hear him, there's no fear
in that man
can't you hear 'em callin'
he's like a mean molten gold
can't you hear 'em callin'
lord, he's got to have his story told
can't you fear you're fallin'
tounge tip slip'n inand
out like a lizard
can't you fear you're fallin'
ah, good god, that man'a a damn wizard
can't you hear 'em callin'
black hair snapn' like a
bull whip in the air
can't you feel you're fallin'
red roll'n wheels run'n
for the downhill
Dare me!

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