Coup D'etat Lyrics

Artist: Circle Jerks

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*Coup D'Etat* by The Circle Jerks

Coup D'Etat, Coup D'Etat
Coup D'Etat
Coup D'Etat
Coup D'Etat
The government can't stop a throng
Struck strong,
Let us through.
New comes in.
Coup D'Etat
Give me a bomb.
A Malatov.
It's a Coup D'Etat!
General Dictator gives the Law.
Get outta line,
Next neck on the block.
Armys marching through the streets.
Next run out the suffering.
Coup D'Etat
A Push from the left
And a shout from the right.
All come out,
Let's do it tonight.
Take the President and His wife,
Deliver the ransom
Or we take their lives.
Trash their embassy.
They are our enemies!
The president just smokes cigars,
Anyone he does not like,
He shoots or puts behind bars.
Coup D'Etat!
Kill all...

-As always these lyrics kick ass
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