Sarah_Jane Lyrics

Artist: Bad Boys Blue

Do you hear me, can you see me
Walking down the street watching you
You could help me, but you're not looking
I bet you would if only you knew
You could make a difference
Do you hear me, can you see me
Walking down the street needing you
I want to make it, how do I get there
If you show me that you cared, you know
You could make a difference

Little Sarah Jane ran away from home
Fourteen and pregnant, she was all alone
Couldn't run from wrong and was going to be sent away
Walking with her friends blackened her blue eyes full of tears
The burden that she carries much too old for her years
Looking at her face would confirm your worst fears
But instead she goes unnoticed
Sarah Jane another girl who is dying inside
You'd think that someone would stop but we hide
Too intent on completing our day, and she's left there to say

He's left to watch the world from the fifteenth floor
Alone with the reminder, Don't go out anymore
You know those boys are trouble here in our neighborhood
But you're my boy and you've got the chance to be something good
Still the call of the streets was too much to ignore

Now he's caught up in the game and can't find an open door
He's a good boy gone bad and he's trying to get out
But everybody's too afraid to hear what he's talking about
Marcus Brown, lives a life much too old for his age
If no one responds he'll be words on a page
Another statistic cause no calls were made
To check on the boy who was missing from the fifth grade

Everywhere you turn there's hurting people passing by
It's such a shame that we could change a life but we don't try
To look outside our world and delve
Into the problems in this place
The children need an answer, and God needs your face

Rap by Lisa Kimmey Bragg:
Well I really want to know if you're feeling me
The situation is real to me

Rap by Bonafide:
You got me feelin' you under my skin
Like Stevie got me wandering blind again and again

Rap by Lisa Kimmey Bragg:
Do you really have a heart for the least of these
And understand that we really need to teach to these
Or keep living in a world where death is a fact
Little kids asking, Why my daddy got to die like that
Don't want to send my kids to school when they feel they got
To pack heat to survive the walk in the streets
Where young women aren't alive because they still believe the

Lies and never recognize who God made them inside
God help us if we don't help them find their way
God help us if we don't change our living today
God help us if we hide in our corner and ignore the cries of the
Street, do you hear what they say
God please help them make it through the thunder and the rain
God please send somebody to ease the pain
You know they need a way up out the game
I know You hear her God, her name is Sarah Jane

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