Days Like These Lyrics

Artist: The Cat Empire

To the gods in the sky
There's one thing you can do
You can send us some sun
And we'll play you this tune
Because sitting in our room
Lying down with a scoob
And the sunshine
Through our window

It's days like these
That make us happy
Like a puppy getting lucky
With Lassie hassle-free
Hours passing by
With the beat one two
Said it's days like these kicking back
Just doing what we do

Number one I'd find some
Loving in the sun
With someone that can make me
Growl and hum say hmmm...
A boom boom shak
And the beat that she throw at me
Knocking me flat

Number two
I'd cruise where the grass is smooth
And the sound of the sea
Is a dreamy melody
Snooze all afternoon
Till the night time wake me
Cos shakedown soon

Number three
I'd be dancing like a monkey up a tree
Find sweet simplicity
By kissing my honey
Get funky like Bond
When he's played by Connery
And get crafty
Like Don Corleone

Watching Oliver jam a little more
Remember the night when I saw
What i never never never seen before
Lavender wrestling a rich wild boar


Beats splat
Woke up on the attack
Work myself frantic to the moon and back
Now it's evening and the sausages are frying out back
as the sky fade to black

Now I remember earlier in the day
As I was swimming through the bay
A bass player I know swum my way
He said g'day
Hey, you wanna go see some reggae
Starts at 8 and plays through to sunrise the next day

So 9 O'clock sees me heading out towards the tabernackle
Hardcore reggae beat bring my feet out of these shackles
Hardcore reggae DJ I Salute you
Crackle crackle crackle of the vinyl
Now I'm high
Now a spectacular night ahead

I met a mexican called Juan
(Theres a party on the hill would you like to come?)
(and bring a bottle of rum)
Can't afford it, but I bought it

and then I sung:
It's nights like these when you know that your alive
nights like these when you know that you got fire
nights like these when don't have to try
Fall in love and kiss and smile from every girl walking by
I'm Alive I'm Alive I'm Alive I'm Alive
And my eyes want to cry
Coz the night and the sky is so high
And my life is sublime and its mine and its time
(is now one)

It's nights like these when you know that your alive
nights like these when you know that you got fire
nights like these when you laugh until you cry
nights like these when I'm drowning in your eyes

(I feel like I've been living, My life from the beginning, and all the songs I'm singing, Is all the love I'm giving)


And dirty hands
I like them see
They make the music that we play
Sound oh so sweet
And my mother always made me eat broccoli
And now look at me
I'm as strong as can be
So put some spice in my sauce
Honey in my tea
An ace up my sleeve
And a slinky plan b
And most importantly
My mad family
They named me lucky
And for that I'll sing about
Days like these
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