Wannabe Lyrics

Artist: Krizz Kaliko

1: Krizz Kaliko]
I'm very truthful when I'm bussin'
Get my point across, minimal cussin' (Y'all know the deal)
Looking like a wild boy, but I'm really a choir boy
Most niggas wanna tell you when they bluffin' (Then they keep it real)
No more Mr. Nice Guy, doubt I
Ever be the same if you shout my
Way, I don't speak in vain, I'm Christian but keep a thang
And Christopher’s patience is 'bout dry, homie
Toughie-toughie you niggas been since I had the huffy
Never bluffin', a good boy, mommy and daddy loved me
A few scufflin' scuffed knees left bullies up above me
Eyes puffy, they only living cause they be lucky
But my bigger brother told me, "Take another ass whooping and see"
By the rock 'em sock 'em roll bottle he bendin' be over as me
He showed me the one hitter quitter
They bigger then hit 'em in the liver
Open up a can and then deliver
What? You want me to be a.

Killer! Don't bring out the things in me you can't see when I smile
Killer! Take me to that place, I'll stay a while
But you want me to just wild out on you!
Only see me claw now, don't you?
Want me to be a. Killer!
For a minute forget who I am and be a wannabe

So I think cause, like, my association
People like, expect me to be something I'm not, man
I was raised in the church, you know what I'm sayin'
I got a dark side, but I still represent the love of God, you know what I'm sayin'?

2: Krizz Kaliko]
(I'm Hardcore!)
Coming from the good rapping up in hood and you're getting (Far more!)
Never been a blood but nigga would if you wanna
Start war! I got some killers on the payroll
Keep 'em at bay cause I’m an angel let me explain
I make my music to travel
What I say baffles you, can't help you out
Think I can do better nigga then help me out
My wits is what make me make hits but I’ll never be selling out
K.I.L.L. (E to the R and dot!) Spell it out
I'mma do what I do, even if it only get heard by a few
Who the hell are you? Who can I catch now
Now I got the clue, stickin’ two of my flocks on two doo with the zoo
See, I can’t kill 'em on everyso I just hurt them
That’s why I frequently speak of myself in third person
Kali baby, carry my weight, make no mistake, you’re late
On the prot?g? of the great Aaron D. Yates (NINE!)
Killing with beats and bars so it can beat in people's cars
I’m freakin’ if they see suprise, if you bleeding I'm the cause
What you want me to be?

3: Krizz Kaliko]
Listen! Been killin’ ‘em since ’99 right
Can’t see me in the daytime with a flashlight
People think I’m the reaper, lessons stricken from fear
Kali knocks 'em off they feet
Twiztid you take it from here

4: Monoxide of Twiztid]
You'll think I’m bullshittin’
Everybody wanna get up on my skin when I'm through with 'em
Gotta find another way to get the angle right
But change a route and I’m lose in ‘em
Don't wanna be the same thing
Gain and again to maintain fame
Rather be different to make a name with a lame
But I wanna do is take it away
Hate when I say that you
Stuck in the game with a
Bunch of shameless of
Worms are the name listen
Grades for blades gonna come save them banes for us
All because you wanted to push me now I'm dangerous
Hang with a strange gang and bangs when I came bringing in
Insane's with the brains makin’ me do but you the brain ain't ya
I hope you understand that I tried to be a peaceful man
But all they wanted from me is a crazy, I don’t understand

5: Madrox of Twiztid]
A lotta big traits, little bit smart
Always come hard with a speech from the heart
Always hard felt with the words and a kick
Cause I spit it with a passion, then call it sick
And when they call it sick do I need the medicine
I’m going on a killing binge
And I won’t stop killing ‘til everybody is dead
I‘m insane
I’m talkin’ to my brain but it does not reciprocate
It is only concern with fame
I want to kill them all away
Everyone that stands in my way
They want to bring the night upon me and let it consume the day
I forget
I should grow weak instead of stay strong
Because their love is unconditional even though that I’m wrong
At least they tell me that I’m wrong when I know I’m probably right
That’s why I’m walking with the dead and I don’t sleep awake at night
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