When Mermaids Cry Lyrics

Artist: Lifescapes

She was drowned in suicide faithless lover cast aside
This is how she came to be Lorelei of the sea
Hopes destroyed she wanted to find certain death peace of mind
Now you wonder who is she Lorelei of the sea
Many tales I've been told of sailors having died
After seeing a mermaid known as Lorelei
Faithless lover that is me and she siren of the sea
So next time that the seagulls fly
Don't you cry sweet Lorelei
Seagulls fly when mermaids cry
Those tears wont dry for Lorelei
The guilt is mine I was untrue the question is what am I to do
All I know is I got to try to find sweet Lorelei
Make amends for what's been done cause I believe that she's the one
And I will go where seagulls fly
Try to find sweet Lorelei
There she is I hear her cry
She's asking me if I will die
There ain't nothing I won't do for you

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Artist: Lifescapes

Title: When Mermaids Cry

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