Nevers Lyrics

Artist: The Fiery Furnaces


There's a town i know called nevers
No nevers
Never wasn't was what it weren't

When it wasn't once. Knew nevers
Knew nevers
Nothing never i'll ever learnt

There's a village i visit, that's vaguely
Sorta vaguely
Vaguely yes i seem to recall

Though it's unclear clearly- vaguely
Very vaguely
Can't say it's been there once and for all

I put back on my overshoes
And got in my renault
The trips reset so i'm unsure
How far it is to go
But then it hits me (slap)
I've left it off my map

There's a city i saw signed something
Must be something
Something never quite so defined

So much so how somewhere something
(though some sing)
So to speak's the uncertain kind

In an index looked up where-it-was
Exactly where it was
Just in fact to make sure i can't

Set a course straight through to where it ain't
And where it ain't
Ain't gotten to except at a slant

I put on my new black boots
And pack up my citroen
And out of town it huffs and puffs
I set off there alone
And then it hits me (slap)
I've left it off my map

There's a place i passed called once upon a time
Tiny once upon a time
Never wasn't weren't what it was

Set the clock back twice or once upon a time
In once upon a time
Never knew when it wasn't there because
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