Transformer Lyrics

Artist: Stan Bush

Something evil's watching over you ???? ???????
Comin' from the sky above ?????????
And there's nothing you can do ??????
Prepare to strike ??????
There'll be no place to run ??????
When your caught within the grip ??????
Of the evil Unicron ?????????
Transformers ????
More than meets the eye ????
Transformers ????
Robots in Disguise ??????
Strong enough to break the bravest heart ?????? ?????????
So we have to pull together ??????????——??
We can't stay worlds apart ?????????????
To stand divided we will surely fall ????????
Until our darkest hour ??????
When the light will save us all ??????????
Transformers ????
More than meets the eye ????
Transformers ????
Robots in Disguise ??????
Transformers ????
Autobots wage their Battle ???????
To destroy the evil forces ???????——
Of the Decepticons ???
It's judgment day and now we've made our stand ??????,??????
And now the powers of darkness ???????
Have been driven from our land ????????
The battle's over but the war has just begun ??????? ??????????
And this way it will remain ????????? ??????
till the day when all are one ???????,??????,????……
Transformers ????
Transformers ????
Transformers ????
Transformers ????
More than meets the eye ????……?

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