Happy Endings Lyrics

Artist: David Usher

\Happy Endings\

I love You Bea
So this is midnight
I can feel the coming storm
My perverted butterfly
You begin to be transformed
And we are drained out
Emptied in the atmosphere
Fashionable as suicide
Never thought it\'d feel so real
These happy endings are just illusions
Dying every day that we go by
Here i\'m stripped naked for the conclusion
It\'s killing me a little at a time
In this silence
We design a different life
Strategies of compromise
Lovers lose their appetites
And are we hopeless
Underneath the diamond sky
Longing turns to bitterness
Modern love just can\'t survive
And i walk and i fall till i can\'t feel a thing
I am sick of the sound of my own shattered mind
I don\'t know who i am
I don\'t know where we all will be

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