18 Noah Lyrics

Artist: 10,000 Maniacs

On the first of December
I was commissioned to sail away
On a ship that was sinking
Forty nights and forty days
And while I went under
The tears of a murdered land
Were turning the earth into sand
I'm too cold to be sleeping
So I light up a candle of regret
To burn the secrets I'm keeping
And pray that someday I can forget
The cries of my people
The voices of doubt inside my head
I think of the things that you said
Am I alone here
Are there others like me too
Safe in my capsule
Unable to move
How long has it been now
And where will this journey end
Will it end...Ohhh...Yeah...
Got the hands of a farmer
The worlds of a preacher's tongur
Got the heart of a sailor
To believe till your work is done
I will stand in the ocean
with these wooden planks under my feet
I will come to your table
After my journey's complete
I believe in the future
I can feel the blood rising in my veins
It's the sound of a battle cry
When only the echo remains
I will serve you forever
I will build you a nation of love
I'm relying on luck,oh God
The fourleaf clover from a dove
And isn't it crazy
For me to start life brand new
And when I find Ararat
The first thing that I do
stright across the country-side
And nap in that sweet sunlight
I'll be singing a love song
For my, mydear dear wife
And nap in that sweet sunlight
Before the night is over
I'll be crying on your shoulder
My wild imagination
Is keeping me from losing patience
Why did you make us
Only to tear us away
Why have you chosen me
It was your fault anyway...?

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