Sucka Free Lyrics

Artist: Dj Quik

Hamm, what's up, nigga!

What's up, my brother
Just loungin, you know
Bout to crack this 40 ounce

Oh, look at you, lil' ol' alcoholic-ass nigga

Well, you know I got to have it, my brother, ain't nothing changed
You want to hit it?

Yeah, what's up?

Hey man, you tell ME

Hey man, we tryin' finish that motherfucker, man
And eh, I need one more song

No shit

Yeah, I wanted to know if you wanted to bust on it?

Oh, without a doubt, you know I'd love to

'member that shit you was busting for me over the phone
That sucka-free shit?

Yeah, I remember that shit

Well, won't you put that shit right about

(Now a sucker raises up off of you)
Did you miss me?
It took a little time to get sucka-free
But since a young g it's PPC
Ain't no shame in the name
And still true to the game
Still serving suckers, just the same
No sense, and dwelling in the past tense
I roll with Quik, so you better check your ladies, gents
Cause I'ma teach her how to break you, right before I break her
After I make her, then I shake her
Yeah, I know, you heard it all before
But I can't deal, cause I see you're still simping for a hoe
Claiming pimp, but you're paying for the pu'
Silly sucker, punk motherfucker
They only flock and jock
Cause you're filling up they pocketbooks
And you're still judging bitches by they looks
When it's really all about what she can do for you
I do for me and still see a True
Ah-ha, really? Do you hear me, bro?
Got your name all on your lips, but your chick trips
Oh no, never will I lower to your level
And I got 17 for ya, devil
Too True to ever let a sucker like you
Make me do something that I don't want to do
I'm still real with it, you got's to deal with it
I serve that ass like a clocker, I don't give a fuck
But who you're doing, how you're doing
Or what you do it with
You better miss me with the dumb shit
So when you're speaking on the Playa Hamm or my nigga Quik
Everybody knows you're sucking on a fat dick
It ain't nothing to nothing in your ass, so that you see clear
Booming in your ear, so I know you hear
Bump this in your Coupe with your R&B want to-be-me
Trick-ass, I'm sucka-free
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