Cold July Lyrics

Artist: Whitehorse

Cold snap
Killer hypothermic heart
I read you like calloused brail
Or hieroglyphics in the snow
We'll get by
But it's been a cold, cold July
It's been a cold, cold July

Breeze past
The corridor
Radiator on the fritz
We walked down to see the melted mess
Snow to slush at the Charleswood Lagoon
But we're frozen dry
Hey, it's been a cold, cold July
And it's been a cold, a cold July

Snowdrop big cups and oleander
Bluebell forest fire
In your garden
Dandelion alibi

Oh, for the love of it
Or just the hell of it
Just sink your claws in it
Set me on fire

It's been a cold, cold July
It's been a cold, a cold July
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