Thought I Knew Ya Lyrics

Artist: Martin Sexton

When we met I was wide eyed city boy
Singin' in te streets to feed my hope and joy
We had mad lovin' and so fast was our flame
When it went out you got so mad
Talkin' trash about me
Comin' round at me
Making a tale of fool's gold my reputation
Little Miss Sunshine's who I met that day
When I walked out it felt like a hurricane

Like I could see right through ya
But the look in your eyes took me by surprise
And I lost control
Like I had a direct line to ya
But I was wrong

Then I caught a shooting star living photograph
A Buddhist hipster from the purple skies of LA
The ground would shake all understanding now
As I was so smitten with her suede
It went from screamin oh baby
To see you later maybe
I ain't laughin' now how the tables turn
Her fine print swiftly stole away
I'll see you in the next life baby namaste

Thought I could see right through ya
What a surprise to open your eyes
And fine a hole in your soul
I thought I knew ya
Like I had a direct line
To some power greater than myself

So I walked down to the Someday Cafe
To get my cup o' coffee for the day
But they tore it down
Put up a bank of the USA
Where my paradise used to be

I thought I knew ya
Thought I knew myself to yeah
The chink in the wall
I scratched it only yesterday
I thought I knew ya
But my lines were rusted through yeah
But to think is wrong but to sing is right

So meet me at the tonight
To see my reflection in the pond
To wonder what's goin' on beyond
What I'm tryin' to say just won't come out
But I long to hear you
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