Politrikkks Lyrics

Artist: Dead Prez

you already know what time it is

everywhere we go
every day on tv
they be talking about
who you gonna vote for
you got a black man running
but i wonder if he get in
who he gonna open up the door for?
i don't wanna to discourage my folk
i believe in hope
i just want us to want more
politics is a game
how they keep us contained
there gotta be more that we could hope for
Democrats and Republicans
just 2 sides of the same coin
either way, it's still white power
it's the same system,
just changed form
you wanna vote? please do!
cast your ballot, let your voice be heard
but what i do want to say is,
after the election,
you'll see,
mark my words

it's politic time again,
it's politrick time again,
it's politic time again,
it's politrick time again,

shoot the messenger
this is the most important election of all time
the government's committing the biggest of all crimes
these bullshit politicians say they speaking for the people
before they ran for office, they were shitting on the people
billion dollar campaigns
trillion dollar bailout
anybody know the definition of a sell-out? huh?
and if Obama win, he wouldn't be the first black,
take your 2 dollar bill and turn it over to the back (you see? right there)
but with the tv on, you only hearing they voice
the system is broken, they trying to beat a dead horse
go ahead and vote for the lesser of two evils
i plot, plan, and strategize with the poor people
the middle class will say this opinion is irresponsible
but if you ain't got no healthcare, they kickin' you out the hospital
McKinney, Clemente, off in the Green Party
no disrespect, we need a Red, Black, and Green Party
like Marcus Garvey's


even if Obama wins,
Uncle Sam ain't my friend

it's politrikkks time again
it's bullshit time again

[Malcolm X: The time is on the side of the oppressed today, it's against the oppressor. And truth is on the side of the oppressed today, it's against the oppressor. You'll see it. You'll see terrorism...]
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