D Mix Lyrics

Artist: Two-Mix

Who love my down fall
And it@s just too cold
You show me true friend
Baby I was so so
You might as well call me physically
You know, you got me only into extremes
I can@t believe it
And don@t know what to think
Sometime I bound I was love to sit
Now it@s so sick
Cause they ain@t without love
Only have dreams wasn@t enough
And I know
I fell good time@s come
I thought these days, things are done and become word are made
Angels came but they left two days
Had no choose but the way
Personnel burning empty
Still this can@t be
But we@re even not not that happy
Hotel motel it@s hot in hell free from myself
But now left no home
I want you to know
I never would have all
Figure out that we are a king now
It could have been forever
Now it@s bring me down
The heart now the know up and down we go
Put myself too close got burnt night tones
It feels like I@m sinking in the dead sea
Don@t we space salty So empty
It@s like a sofa before become
This song is over now so we@ve are one

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